Pre - and Postnatal Fitness

Pre - and Postnatal Fitness

Our Pre and Post-natal personal training sessions aim to make sure that you can stay as healthy and as strong as possible through pregnancy and help you regain strength post birth as your body transitions through pregnancy.
The changes a woman’s body goes through during and after pregnancy can be overwhelming and daunting for many. Our Pre and Post-Natal training aims to provide you with support through this journey.
Most prenatal training classes tend to be generic. Our Pre & Post-natal Personal Training program in London puts massive importance on the correlation of your goals, your personal journey through pregnancy and how to help you as an individual. Everything we do incorporatescience and physics -tailored exercises to help you feel healthy and strong during and after pregnancy.

Whatever your goal is, either fat loss, muscle gain, or weight management, we will support you with evidence-based science, not pseudoscience. We don’t do trends or fads; we tailor our approach to suit your lifestyle and goals. Nutrition should add to your life, not take away from it.
Chronic pain is a severe and varied condition that feels entirely different for every person. It can arise after trauma from an accident or as a result of different medical conditions. At times the pain is so excruciating that people who live with it can’t carry out their day to day activities, from dressing to working and exercising.

Prenatal exercise personal training 

Our training consists of specific exercises for prenatal women. These sessions help women to continue exercising effectively and safely during pregnancy. Our prenatal program is individually tailored and bespoke to every client’s needs as what is right for one woman, might not be the same to another. 

Post-natal exercise personal training

After pregnancy, most women suffer from a common condition where the abdominal wall separates, referred to as ‘Diastasis’. Our trained experts work with women health physio’s who can easily diagnose and support you with this, through this issue exercise application that will help in healing the wall and strengthening the core, alongside other supportive strength work.


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