Understanding Chronic pain

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Chronic pain is defined as a persistent pain that lasts longer than the expected time for healing, and it eventually begins to interfere with normal life. According to a survey, chronic pain affects more than two-fifths of the people living in the UK, which means a lot of people have lived or are living with chronic pain.
Chronic pain is a severe and varied condition that feels entirely different for every person. It can arise after trauma from an accident or as a result of different medical conditions. At times the pain is so excruciating that people who live with it can’t carry out their day to day activities, from dressing to working and exercising.

Our Chronic Injury Treatment in London has a team of exercise specialists who use their expertise and skills to provide a biomechanics assessment and treatment for people who are suffering from long term chronic pain. The origin of chronic pain might be different for everyone, that’s why our specialist first take you’re through a comprehensive assessment. Our injury rehabilitation services are physics-based that strive to find the root cause of chronic pain, and take you through a bespoke training program, where sometimes generic physio exercises may have failed to help you. We have specialist equipment which as specific mechanics to help you on your journey post injury. 

Common causes of chronic pain

The list mentioned below is by no means complete. Our injury rehab service in London aims to understand the origin of your pain, and some of the most common ones are mentioned below.
• Back pain
• Knee Pain
• Neck Pain
• Arthritis
• Post-operative pain
• Fibromyalgia
• Sports injuries
• Sciatica

Our Sports Injury Rehabilitation centre in London

Our evidence-backed exercise offers a vast series of advantages for individuals who are in pursuit of chronic pain management. We work with using RTS and MAT principles to design you a treatment plan that is tailored for you, keeping in mind your personal needs.
Our every service can be booked by appointment separately, or they can be combined for a comprehensive package to best suit and support your goals.


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