Strength House is the home of exercise mechanics and evidence-based nutrition, providing the foundation that puts you in control of your own health.   

What we talk about when we talk about strength.

It’s vital we move our bodies every day. Although, city life can make that surprisingly hard. We walk less. Sit more. Stress more. Drink more.

As a team of personal trainers a few of our qualifications state “first, do no harm.” 

Each session we design, has been programmed to make sure you feel better than when you first come in. Exercise should always improve your quality of life - not detract from it or cause you any difficulty or stress.

What makes our personal training service different is that physics and biomechanics underpins everything that we offer. All clients undergo a full biomechanics assessment before they commence a training program. 

Biomechanics looks at the mechanics of movement and how forces effect the human body. However when it comes to applying it to exercise or strength training, it is ironically, often not applied correctly in the personal training industry. 

Assessing the body for movement capacity is one thing - but translating that into an exercise program that looks at the line of force, resistance profiles and strength profiles for each individual exercise for a client is another matter. 

We look at how muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments work together to produce movement, and how that then translates to exercise. This allows us to program exercises that are specific to an individuals joint integrity and work within active range of motion, and improve a muscles ability to contract - all very important, when looking at strength and internal health long term. We don’t just take you from A to Z. We look at improving your bodies capabilities, from improving range of motion, strengthening weaknesses all the way to achieving your goal. 

Most bodybuilding gyms in London have fancy custom or big branded equipment - but not all of these pieces are made with exercise mechanics in mind, and nor are all personal trainers aware of exactly why a certain piece of equipment maybe better made than others. Equipment might all look similar gym to gym, but it isn’t equal in mechanics. 

We have been scrupulous in picking our equipment. Every piece has been looked at and tested mechanically with strength profiles considered, to help our clients get stronger, safely and more efficiently. 

After all, strength and exercise and helping your body feel its best is a long term game - not just before a summer holiday. 

We believe that having an understanding evidence based training and nutrition knowledge leads to consistency and habits that you can apply throughout the journey of life. 

THE Strength GYM

We are based in the heart of the City (smack bang in the middle) near Bank, St Pauls, Mansion House and Cannon St stations.
Join us away from the hustle and bustle, (we are nestled in the vaults) where you will find our boutique training space and fully equipped luxury changing rooms with shower facilities. 

We’ve created an intimate, positive training environment, but with community in mind so you can train and reach your goals in a private friendly supportive space. 

Firm (in our beliefs).

We like to keep an open mind. But on a few points, we’re well and truly decided: we work to your goals. We go at your pace. A healthy body is a by-product of a healthy lifestyle. And if we keep it an enjoyable experience, you’ll keep it up.


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